We will work as your advocate throughout the claims process. Each claim situation is unique, and you can expect prompt attention to detail every step of the way. Achieving a fair claim settlement for you is our goal. 


Claims can be reported by calling  Robin Casella at 314.961.5062 ext. 812 or you can report the claim direct to the carrier by using the following links. After hours 314-961-5062, then at the prompt press 2, then press 1 at the next prompt to leave a message and a member of our staff will return your call.

Personal Insurance Claim Reporting

Business Insurance Claim Reporting

Worker’s Compensation Claim Reporting

Once your claim has been reported, your claims advocate work directly with you on your claim and answer any questions. They are available to walk you through our claims process and assist you with:
  • Coverage/Deductible questions
  • Rental options (even if you do not have rental coverage, they can still help you secure a competitive rental rate with a preferred agency)
  • Scheduling an estimate or inspection
  • Repair options


In the future, feel free to contact your claims advocate regarding any additional questions that arise regarding your claim, even after the claim is closed.

The claims advocate from Jerome L. Howe Inc. will attempt to make contact with you the same day the loss is reported or within 24 hours.

You may be required to give your insurance carrier’s claims representative a recorded statement regarding the facts of the accident or occurrence.

If the police were called, a copy of the police report will be obtained. Under some circumstances, we may require you to make a police report.

You may be asked to obtain an estimate for your vehicle, home, or other damaged items. In some cases, the carrier’s claims representative will come to your home to inspect and review the damages.

Each claim is unique and is evaluated based on its own specific circumstances.

Once the information for a claim is gathered in the investigation process, it is reviewed and evaluated depending on the type of claim:


Once an estimate is received, it will be reviewed promptly. A second estimate or an inspection may be requested.

Home and Property

  • The carrier’s adjuster will review all of the information gathered in the investigation process. The cause of the damage needs to be determined. Once the cause is determined, it will be reviewed with your policy and a determination of coverage will be made.
  • If the damage is covered, the adjuster may write up an estimate or may work directly with the contractor of your choice.
Personal/Business Property
  • For theft losses or damage to personal/business property, the carrier’s claims representative may request you to fill out an inventory list of the items. This list would include the name of the item, age, model, serial number, etc. of each item.
  • We may also request proof of ownership. Examples of this are copies of any original receipts, appraisals, photographs, manuals, or any supporting documentation of ownership.
  • Verification of product and pricing will be completed.
  • Once an amount has been agreed upon, a form will be sent to you. You will need to read and fill out the form. This form may need to be signed in front of a notary and returned to the carrier.
  • If your policy allows for replacement cost, two or more payments may be made. The initial payment will be for the actual cash value of the item(s). The remaining (deferred amount) can be claimed upon replacement of the item(s).


All of the information gathered in the investigative section: photos (both scene and damages), police report, all statements, or any additional information gathered will be evaluated and a liability decision will be made.



If it is determined through the investigation that an insured is legally liable, the carrier’s adjuster will obtain copies of bills and records and will review them for applicable payment under your available coverage. They will be paid in accordance with your coverage, subject to the terms and conditions of your policy.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a state regulated system which provides benefits designed to help you if you are injured on the job or develop a work-related illness. The benefits typically pay for your medical treatment and/or a portion of your lost earnings if you are unable to work due to your injury or illness. Each state has specific guidelines that will be explained by the representative assigned to handle your claim.


The carrier’s adjuster will make a decision on coverage based upon their investigation and your policy’s language. If your loss is covered, deductibles are applied. If not, prompt notification will be given, including a written explanation.


After an agreed repair price or settlement value is reached, payment is promptly issued. Certain terms and conditions may affect the payment.

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